Cejar Lagoon


Exclusive offer valid per person | $36 USD

Live the magical experience of floating in saline waters, immerse yourself in the eyes of the salt flat and admire the sunset joined by a nice cocktail.



Cejar Lagoon is located within the Atacama’s salt flat, 20 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama. The place is famous for its particular water’s color deep turquoise, the lagoon is surrounded by salt in different shapes. The water in the Cejar Lagoon, being saline, allows all bodies to float and remain without sinking, since the load of salt is greater than the weight of a person.

The landscape is one of the most attractive of the Atacama’s desert, where you can mix the blue of the sky, the white of the salt, the blue of the water and the pink of the flamingos that come to the lagoon to feed themselves. We recommend always to walk with some shoes since the salt have sharps and points that could hurt or cause discomfort in your feet. It is recommended to visit Cejar Lagoon during the afternoon and finish your tour with the sunset at Tebinquinche Lagoon, since the colors from the salar are one of the best landscapes for those who visit the surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama.

On summer timetable: departure from Kaulles Tourism agency at 3:50pm.
End of the tour and arrival in San Pedro de Atacama Village at 9:00pm.
On winter timetable: departure from Kaulles Tourism agency at 2:50pm.End of the tour and arrival in San Pedro de Atacama Village at 8:00pm.
Tour Cejar Lagoon - Ojos del Salar - Tebenquiche Lagoon.

Ticket is not included. Prices: $17.000 foreigners, chileans and students.

We end the tour in the Village of San Pedro de Atacama.



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